Lydia Bach Bratsche     Christina Singer Flöte     Andrea Förderreuther Gitarre

Sometimes called “the world’s smallest orchestra”, TrioConBrio, with its unusual line-up of instruments, offers spirit, wit, charm and passion to match its name – as reviewers have often observed. Comprising Andrea Förderreuther, the guitarist who founded the ensemble in 1990, flautist Christina Singer und viola player Lydia Bach, TrioConBrio enjoys a long-established reputation for close musical teamwork and continually fresh inspiration. TrioConBrio’s adventurous approach to repertoire elicits enthusiastic responses and unconditional praise. Renowned composers such as Léo Brouwer, Sérgio Assad, Egberto Gismonti, Sidney Corbett and many others have written works for the group, while its members make their own dazzling arrangements of standard scores and rediscover lost and forgotten works from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

With regular concert tours (Austria, France, Italy, Finland, USA), invitations from major festivals and numerous radio and TV appearances, TrioConBrio is recognised as an ensemble of international stature. A series of six CDs, featuring many works recorded for the first time, has documented the diversity of its talents and interests. The three players have also toured Syria, Oman and the United Arab Emirates at the invitation of the German Foreign Office, appeared in Canada as cultural ambassadors for the state of Baden-Württemberg, and has received funding from the Villa Musica, Rheinland-Pfalz, the Cultural Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the Sponsors‘ Association of German Sciences. The media have praised the „artistic perfection“, „impressive virtuosity“ and „thrilling radiance“ of these “three exceptional artists”, appreciating their „more than customary readiness to break with convention“ and their ability to offer “a sumptuous listening experience that is food for the soul” through „an orchestral density of sound“.

Important Concerts

2017Festival Guitar Foundation of America Los Angeles
Villa-Konzert Herxheim
Kammerkonzert Lippstadt
2016Theatherhaus Stuttgart
Mozartgesellschaft Zweibrücken
Internationales Gitarrenfestival Pforzheim
2015Evangelischer Kirchentag Stuttgart
Heidenheimer Förderverein für Neue Musik
2014Gitarrenfestival Weisenheim/Pfalz
Les vendredis à la Chartreuse Molsheim, Elsass
2013Brouwer-Festival im Künstlerhaus Boswil Schweiz
Gitarrenwoche Zeven
Festival Gitarrenland Rheinland-Pfalz
2012Meisterkonzert im Schlösschen Wertheim
Soirée im Schloß Burgfarrnbach Fürth
2011Internationales Kammermusikfestival an der oberen Lahn
Podium – Die Kammermusikreihe des Radiosinfonieorchesters Stuttgart
Hohenloher Kultursommer
2010Schloßkonzerte: Mitwitz, Lembeck, Clemenswerth, Winnenden
2009Kultursommer Nordhessen Eröffnungskonzert
Stolberger Musiksommer
2007Goetheinstitut Nancy, „Concert Européen“
Klosterspiele Hirsau Eröffnungskonzert
Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
Soiree auf Schloß Solitude für Ministerpräsident Oettinger
2006Bachfestival Toronto „Baden-Württemberg meets Ontario“
Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele
Hohenloher Kultursommer
2005American Guitar Society Los Angeles
Guitarists of the world series at Cal. State Univ. Fullerton
2001Theaterhaus Stuttgart
1999American Guitar Society Los Angeles
Kultursommer Nordhessen Eröffnung
ars nova Musik aus dem Baltikum, SWR-Mitschnitt
1998Guitar Foundation of America Festival in Montreal
Guitaristival Tampere,Finnland
Allegro vivo Kammermusikfestival Österreich
1997Tournee Syrien, Oman, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate für das Auswärtige Amt der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
1996Internationales Gitarrenfestival Nürtingen
Rheingau Musikfestival
1995Rotenburger Gitarrenwochen, Mitschnitt Radio Bremen
1994Festival Chitarristico Milano
Schwetzinger Festspiele, SDR-Mitschnitt
1993Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival
Internationale Ansbacher Gitarrenkonzerte
1991Bad Brückenauer Gitarrentage